Green Flag

Boscombe Chine Gardens were developed originally from a ‘chine’ of heath and mire into a splendid Victorian garden, a central part of the then thriving Boscombe resort.

For fifty years the Gardens were in decline, with investment never matching the levels seen in its heyday. Eventually in the 1990’s they became a no go area. Anti-social behaviour all contributed to their problems, whilst a dense tree canopy only served to exacerbate them.

With help from a strong community a successful bid was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Now, with the project complete, the park is transformed. The Chine has been opened up by the removal of much of the tree canopy and native grasses have been sown to improve the habitat quality of the site.

Where there was an underused tennis court, is a brand new ball court; on the site of the old boating pond is a new water play area; the mini-golf has been re-launched with disabled access; and the terrace café overlooks it all.

The original features of the Gardens remain, two spa shelters, the lodge and the return of magnificent bedding displays.

What really makes Boscombe worthy of a Green Flag is the energy of the local community, determined to make Boscombe a better place to live. The Gardens are central to the development of the community as a whole, and it shows with the success of events that they regularly put on.

Boscombe Chine Gardens are managed and maintained by Bournemouth Borough Concil.

Michael Rowland is the Leisure Policy Manager and can be contacted on 01202 437827