Location - BH1 4AA

Boscombe Chine Gardens is located south of the Christchurch Road, between Manor Road and Boscombe Spa Road.

Alternatively you can find our southern entrance adjacent to Boscombe Pier.

Boscombe Chine Gardens does not have its own postcode but if you use BH1 4AA, which is the Clock House Cafe, you should be able to find us using your sat nav?

Tree Trail Leaflet

The Friends of Boscombe Chine Gardens have produced a Tree Trail Leaflet, which you can also download and print. You can use the Tree Trail leaflet and go on a circular walk round the gardens to identify nine different trees.

Also, take a look at our new trees webpage by clicking on the link below:

New - Trees Webpage


The FoBCG will not be organising an Easter Family Fun Day this year

January 2018 - At last year's AGM (November 2017) Trustees announced the FoBCG do not intend organising any more Easter Family Fun Days. It is hoped that other organisations will utilise this date and hold events in the gardens. The FoBCG will assist and support where possible but is no longer able to take overall responsibility for organising this even.

December 2016 - Wessex Water installed a pumping station by the central concrete bridge in Boscombe Chine Gardens. This was necessary to enable emergency sewer repairs and works to be performed underneath Percy Road. In addition to the pumping station there is a large surface sewer pipe running along the chine towards the pier, which further restricts the roadway.

The works by Wessex Water are scheduled to finish in spring but there are no guarantees that this will happen before Easter. The existence of the pipe and pumping station by the concrete bridge restricts the space available to us but more importantly creates a bottleneck for people moving through the gardens down to the beach. If this were still to be in place during our proposed event, it could cause problems, especially if the weather is good and visitor numbers are high.

The Trustees were very concerned about the risk of a health and safety incident if the event were to take place and the pipe/pumping equipment had not been removed. We suspect Wessex Water will leave the pipe etc. in place until the works are complete, even then the FoBCG’s has no control over how quickly this surface equipment will be removed. This coupled with the uncertainty about the toilets and Clock Cafe being open has led the Trustees to make the decision to cancel this year’s event.

Health and safety always takes priority and although this is disappointing for those who look forward to attending our Easter event, we believe cancelling it for 2017 is the right decision.

Thank you for your support and interest, and we hope this has not caused any inconvenience.

September 2016 - At the recent Britain in Bloom awards the FoBCG’s were awarded a National Certificate of Distinction for having maintained a high standard over several years in the It’s Your Neighbourhood category. The gardens retained their gold standard and we were also runner up in the Best Large Park category.

It’s quite an achievement to be awarded a National Certificate of Distinction, so well done to all our volunteers for their hard work.

September 2015 - Unfortunately Boscombe Chine Gardens finished runner up in the Best Large Park in the South & South East of England in the Britain in Bloom competition. We were narrowly beaten into second place by half a percent, well done Bournemouth Lower Gardens but we'll hopefully do better next year.

We are pleased to report that the Friends of Boscombe Chine Gardens retained their Level 5 - Outstanding Award, after entering the community garden in the ‘It’s your neighbourhood’ scheme, with a slightly improved score on last year, which is great news, well done to all our volunteers.

September 2014 - For the fourth year running, Boscombe Chine Gardens has been awarded Best Large Park in the South & South East of England in the Britain in Bloom competition.

In addition to this the Boscombe Chine Gardens community garden was entered in the ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ category. Entries in this category are graded Level 1 - Establishing, Level 2 - Improving, Level 3 - Developing, Level 4 - Thriving and Level 5 - Outstanding. We are pleased to report that the Friends of Boscombe Chine Gardens retained their Level 5 - Outstanding Award, which is brilliant news.

Well done to the Bournemouth Parks team and all the Friends of Boscombe Chine Gardens who volunteer and give their time to support the great work within the gardens, long may this continue.

Lottery logo
April 2013 - We are delighted to announce that the Friends of Boscombe Chine Gardens has been successful with a bid to the National Lottery and has achieved funding for the Easter Family Fun Day and ten replacement Nature Trail Boards.

The Family Fun Day funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund was a tremendous success and we are in the process of producing a video clip of the day's events, which will be published on the website in the near future.

The twelve Nature Trail Boards that are located around the gardens have served the local community very well during the past eight years and we have developed a more robust and easier to maintain mark 3 design. We hope to introduce the new design boards during the autumn period and look forward to children and families using them for many years to come.

Many thanks to the National Lottery for their generous grant, which is a tremendous boost for the charity and will benefit both visitors and local residents who enjoy walking around the nature trail.


Friends of Boscombe Chine Gardens was inaugurated and constitutionalised on the 3rd July 2002.  Our primary objective is to enhance & conserve Boscombe Chine Gardens for the enjoyment of the community  & visitors.

Our intention is for Boscombe Chine Gardens to be a place where everyone from toddlers to grown-ups, can visit to enjoy the landscaped and natural gardens, associated wildlife and various amenities.

  • Located within Boscombe Chine are wonderful three dimensional bedding displays alongside traditional bedding and innovative herbaceous planting schemes.

  • A splendid 1890's lodge is situated at the northern end of the chine close to the terraced Clock Café and 18 hole Mini-golf course.

  • We also have a Multi Use Games Area where basketball and football are played.

  • Further down the gardens is an interpretation of the original circular spa shelter with a conical, oak shingled roof that acts as a stop off point for the Bournemouth land train.

  • There is also an enclosed children's play area with an innovative water play feature.

  • Boscombe Chine Gardens is proud to be Bournemouth's 10th Local Nature Reserve.

  • Holder of a prestigious green flag award since 2007.

  • The southern entrance to Boscombe Chine is located opposite Boscombe Pier and is easily identified by a second circular spa shelter and information board.

We hold various fun-filled events throughout the year.
For more information please visit our events page.